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October 16, 2021

Tourism, the biggest sector in Florida’s economy, continues to benefit from the state’s earlier than average reopening and …


Labor and unemployment

A Dunkin coffee shop in Colorado Springs is temporarily closing after the number of staff fell from fifteen …


A new strategic level of cooperation

The president of HunBizFlo, Zsuzsa Cajkás, and the vice-president of the organization, Pazaurek Piros, discussed another strategic level …


Summary of Hunbizflo

Az Üzlet – A Gazdaság Magazinja has published a summary of us.


Lecture in collaboration with HEPA Hungarian Export Promotion Agency and Digital Welfare

We are proud that several members of our chamber have been invited as speakers to participate in the …


Working out the details

The seven founding members of the Hungarian Chamber of Business and Commerce in Florida working out the details…